Here is what some of my lovely customers and reviewers have had to say:

“For me the highlight of the afternoon was discovering an emerging Brisbane artist by the name of Kirsten Bailey. The three paintings she is showing at the Gallery are themed around motherhood, making them perfect for this exhibit. In “Little Family”, “Hope Within” and “Breakfast for Early Birds” Kirsten uses beautiful colors, silhouettes and one of her favourite objects – trees. Her paintings have a dreamy, calming effect and are a real treat for the eyes.” – Sandy Ludinski from Weekend Notes

“I bought a painting for a friend’s birthday. Kirsten was very responsive, going to great lengths to ship her work halfway around the world so that it would arrive on time. Very impressive.” – Etsy Reviewer

“Your painting takes my breath away. When I look at it, it brings on a feeling of calmness and acceptance of things as they are.”

“Wow – this was so beautiful! Quick shipping from Australia. Thanks so much – I’ll be back! :)” – Etsy reviewer

“Items packed carefully, arrived in very timely fashion, beautiful artwork, great communication from seller, very pleased.” – Etsy reviewer

“Your painting is beautiful and I immediately thought of pregnancy and love, parenting and protection. – Carrie

“We love the painting.  Our kids especially love it and love talking about which tree is them.  Thanks so much. – Greg

“Just love the colour in your painting. It makes me feel so happy.” – Sue