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Embracing the Storm – Two Happy Stampers Colour Challenge

I came across a blog called Two Happy Stampers this week, and was impressed by the beautiful cards they make.

For the month of March, they have posted a colour challenge – to use the following four colours in a work of art or craft:

I found it a little difficult to get the colours right, but I hope they are pretty close.  This is the painting I came up with – I’m calling it “Embracing the Storm”:

Emracing the storm - original watercolour painting by Brisbane artist Kirsten Bailey

I think the colour challenge is a great way to promote creativity, and I’ll definitely be back to participate in the next one, and in the meantime to check out the beautiful paper crafts at Two Happy Stampers.

4 thoughts on “Embracing the Storm – Two Happy Stampers Colour Challenge

  1. We are so honored to have you participate in our color challenge! Your painting is beautiful and you used the colors in such a wonderful way! Just lovely! =)

  2. that is so cool! i love challenges like that! I will try to do one too if I have time!!

  3. it’s a beautiful composition, I like the sweet and mysterious atmosphere, it makes me think of one of those dawns in an early spring morning, when everybody’s still sleeping, you see a magic light and you can only wait till the sun starts to warm up the cold earth
    Great use of colour, hope to see more 😉

  4. […] had so much fun participating in the colour challenge from Two Happy Stampers last month, so I jumped at the chance to have a go at another one this […]

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