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Monday Artday – Castaway

This week’s topic over at Monday Artday is “Castaway”.  A great topic for a Monday in my opinion – most Mondays I’d rather be cast away on a tropical island (preferably one that serves cocktails):

Cast away - original watercolor painting by Kirsten Bailey

3 thoughts on “Monday Artday – Castaway

  1. i see!
    thank you for answering me :))
    i thought it was done with photoshop…
    i love the color of this background “castaway”, it’s sooo “tropical” 🙂

    wishing you a tropical day!


  2. your watercolours are charming!

  3. My husband & I have been watching Lost (TV show) – your palm tree island reminded me think of it… I think I could do island living, IF there was air conditioning, of course!

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