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Illustration Friday – Subterranean

This week’s topic over at Illustration Friday is “Subterranean”.  My immediate thought was of layers of rock under the ground.  This was my inspiration for this litte abstract watercolour, which I’m (not surprisingly) calling “Subterranean”.

Subterranean - original watercolor painting by Brisbane artist Kirsten Bailey

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17 Responses to “Illustration Friday – Subterranean”

  1. valerie lorimer Says:

    Beautiful colors and apttersn! Lovely job.

  2. ellen byrne Says:


  3. Indigene Says:

    This looks like what the center of the earth looks like! Textures and colors are exquisite!

  4. khwhitaker Says:

    this is really lovely

  5. Elise Black Says:

    Really lovely! You can almost feel the texture!

  6. Sascratch Says:

    Wow …. this is just too cool, love the texture and colors! Great work 😀

  7. steve Says:

    Marvelous work here – love the layers and colors and textures!!

  8. studio lolo Says:

    Yeah…what everyone else already said!! Ditto 🙂

  9. TMartin Says:

    Such lovely lovely colors and textures!

  10. valerie delgado Says:

    Very nice concept! extremely earthy!

  11. Laurel Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! That’s why I love watercolor!

  12. Amy C Says:

    wow this is so rich and vibrant and such a beautiful piece for subterranean

  13. Bella Sinclair Says:

    Wow, that DOES look like layers of earth! Really cool textures. Great piece!

  14. lisa mertins Says:

    this piece is lovely. a great interpretation of subterranean!

  15. FHNavarro Says:

    Amazing colors!!


  16. Michelle Says:

    Kirsten I think this one of your best – if not the best! I love it! How big is this? I’d love to see you do this quite large.

  17. Kirsten Says:

    Thanks for all the lovely comments! Michelle this is only a little painting – 5″ x 5″. I’ve thought about doing a larger one but haven’t had time yet!

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