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Getting My Groove Back

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve done more painting than I probably did during the whole of last year.

There were lots of reasons for it including work (my day job is teaching) as well as some difficult things I was going through. I just wasn’t in the mood to paint, and when I did give it a go I wasn’t happy with the results.

For one reason or another, I seem to have gotten my ‘groove’ back, and have lots of new ideas for paintings running around in my head.  I’ve decided to finish off any unfinished work before I get to the new stuff.

You might remember a while back that I started a commission for some friends of mine.  The challenge was to create a large acrylic on canvas version of my painting Colours of Nature.  Well, I finally finished it!  All those little swirls took quite a while but I’m very happy with the result.  I can’t wait to see it hanging up!

Rainbow Trees - Acrylic on Canvas painting by Kirsten Bailey

After finishing this painting I felt such a sense of accomplishment, I wanted to do more!

First I painted this one, which I’m calling “Rainbow on a Cloudy Day”.  It’s a LOT smaller than the one above – it’s only 4″ x 6″.  It can stand up on its own so can be put on a shelf instead of hung on the wall.

Rainbow on a Cloudy Day - Original acrylic on canvas painting by Kirsten Bailey

After completing this one I really wanted to have a go at some other new ideas in my head (and play with some new paints) but I thought I should finish off some unfinished work.  So…

Evening Bloom - mixed media on canvas painting by Kirsten Bailey

I finished this one, which has been sitting and waiting patiently for more than a year for some attention.  Well, it’s nearly finished anyway – all I have to do is spray on a coat of sealant and it’s done.  I have done many watercolour paintings in this style, but it was a challenge to create the same effect with a canvas!  I’m eager to try to do more like this.

Finally, I also finished this painting:

Golden Autumn - Watercolour painting by Kirsten Bailey

There was really no excuse for not getting this painting finished earlier, as all that was left to do was the tree trunks and branches – all of the detail work in the swirls was already finished.  I’m very happy with how it turned out in the end!

Hopefully I will be able to keep you up-to-date with lots of new work in the future!


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8 Responses to “Getting My Groove Back”

  1. flor Says:

    Beautiful colors schemes! I love painting trees also. I especially like the first one and the last one!

  2. Sue Wellington Says:

    Just love the colour in your painting. It makes me feel so happy.

  3. Don Says:

    Glad to see you back at work, producing such pretty things! Looking forward to seeing more!

    Friar Don, OBR

  4. Anji Says:

    Good news you’ve got the urge to paint back! I love the colours in the last picture

  5. leila Says:

    Dear Kirsten ,
    I just love your paitings and i found them on net while sreaching for a happy mood nature paiting:)..they r really wonderfull good luck..and i just put “colours of nature” for my facebook cover ,with your name :).i hope it will be ok
    your art is mysterious, colorfull and pure:)..
    good luck

  6. Kari Says:

    So, are these a mix a watercolor AND acrylic?

  7. Kirsten Bailey Says:

    Kari – some of the paintings are acrylic, some are watercolours.

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