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Illustration Friday – Brave

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in Illustration Friday – I tend to wait until a topic really grabs me.

Last September I spent a lot of my holiday sitting outside in our patio, reading and drinking cups of tea.  It was so lovely and peaceful, that I often stopped reading and just sat and took in the scenery of my little garden.  In one of our trees, a baby bird was learning to fly.  It was amazing to just quietly sit and watch as he (or she?) spread his wings for the first time.

When I saw this week’s topic from Illustration Friday was “brave”, that little baby bird was the first thing I thought of, and was the inspiration for this painting:

I’ve posted a step-by-step about how I created this painting – check it out here.

15 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – Brave

  1. Gorgeous! Love the background colours

  2. Beautiful in its subtlety.

  3. Oh .. I just love little bumbly baby birds trying to fly! I love your background color washes on this! Ooh and I really love your Queen Annes lace painting.. gorgeous!!

  4. What a lovely sequence..and I like the story behind it!

  5. what a lovely story and a great panel of paintings! You tell your tale beautifully — I especially love the sense of a whole day passing, with the warmer day tones in the middle. Awesome.

  6. Your background washes are beautiful, and I love the silhouette in the foreground. Great depiction of “brave”!

  7. Poetic panels!!


  8. lovely story board, colours and idea, really nice 😉

  9. beautiful silhouette effect! love the colours.

  10. Beautiful in every way!

  11. very beautiful…!

  12. I love it! Awesome representation of the word BRAVE – too cute 🙂 Nice job.

  13. Very sweet illo and story!

  14. Lovely colors in those washes!

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