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Creating “Brave”

As promised (OK, a little later than promised, but still!) here’s my step-by-step for the creation of my latest painting, “Brave”.

Step one - creating "Brave"
Step 1 - OK I probably didn't need to show you this - the blank page. I've started using watercolour blocks instead of pads or loose sheets, and they're great! You dont' have to tape them down at all.
Creating "Brave" - step 2
Step 2: Using masking fluid, I masked off the edge of the paper and created three separate panels.
Creating "Brave" - step 3
Step 3 - Colour washes for the background. Here I've done the first two. I tried to give a feeling of the day passing - using the colours of sunrise, midday and twilight.
Creating "Brave" - Step 4
Step 4: As I wanted to convey the idea of the same tree and bird changing over time, I wanted my tree to look the same in each panel. I usually paint my trees freeform, without sketching them first. This time, I sketched a tree in pencil first, and transferred it to the 3 panels so each would be the same.
Creating "Brave" - step 5
Step 5 - 3rd background wash. I did this panel a little later as I was waiting for the masking fluid I used to create the stars to dry.
Creating "Brave" - step 6
Step 6 - The tree sketch transferred onto each panel of the painting.
Creating "Brave" - step 7
Step 7 - Trees and birdies painted in.
"Brave" - original watercolor painting by Kirsten Bailey
Step 8 - Masking fluid rubbed off, painting completed!!

Hope you liked learning about how I created this painting 🙂

3 thoughts on “Creating “Brave”

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  2. Hi Kirsten!

    It’s always interesting to see how the progress of an artwork. Thank you for posting this. Just a little silly Q: about step 6, how did you transfer the tree sketch onto each panel of the painting?


    ps: i love your blackbird

  3. Hi Mita!

    Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

    In answer to your question, to transfer the sketch of the tree to the painting, I shaded the back of the sketch with pencil, then placed it where I wanted it to go, and traced over the sketch with a biro (pressing fairly hard). It leaves pencil marks on the page that are a bit tricky to see, but enough to make sure the tree looks pretty much the same each time.

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