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Illustration Friday – Star Gazing

I was delighted to discover that this week’s challenge over at Illustration Friday is “Star Gazing”.   I was recently requested to paint something similar to my “When it is Dark Enough” painting, and was part way through it when I found out about this topic.

Here’s the finished product – I’ve titled it “The Stargazers”:

The Stargazers - Original watercolour painting by Kirsten Bailey

8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – Star Gazing

  1. I enjoyed finding your blog and Etsy Shop-I make pendants from my paintings too!
    This painting is lovely

  2. What a lucky break. You must have wished upon a star! Love this!! I’m sure your client was extremely pleased. SWEEEET!

  3. This sketch is amazing and so touching to me. Great work. I am glad to have found your blog. 🙂

  4. Hi – I love this! I am a singer/songwriter and there’s a lyric in one of my songs that goes: “We gaze up at the stars like dreams in the dark”…. I wanted to make something to post on FB with a background like this and my lyrics on it. Could I please have your permission to use this if I put your name as the artist and a link to your blog in the description? The song is called “My Answer” and you can hear it if you want if you click my name above.
    Thanks! I’m not sure if I’ll get notified of an answer posted here, but you can email me: rachel at rachelkays dot com

  5. […] From Kristen Bailey’s art blog […]

  6. Hi Kristen — I wanted to check … I wanted a picture for a post on my personal blog for a poem I jotted down last night about stargazing, and as we so often do, I googled for one, and I found this lovely illustration. Without thinking, I put it into the blog, but I thought this morning maybe I should check with you to see if you minded. I completely understand if you do, and I’ll take it down straight away if that’s the case. It’s just a casual blog that I keep for fun. Anyway, please let me know.

  7. No problem at all! I am honoured to have my painting featured alongside your beautiful poem 🙂

  8. Hey Kirsten- looking for ideas on how to decorate my new condo when I came across this amazing painting, curious if you sell prints? My girlfriend and I would love to have this in our new home. Thank you

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