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Little Acrobat

This week’s topic over at Illustration Friday is “acrobat” – here’s my little acrobat:

Little Acrobat - Original watercolour painting by Kirsten Bailey

I used little drops of diamond glaze on the web to make it look like dew.

12 thoughts on “Little Acrobat

  1. oh I love this!!! Looks fantastic and your watercolors are really nice.

  2. Yes, you have a spider too! Lovely illo – the web is beautiful.

  3. How did you make the web? I’d like to do this one. I love it!

  4. I used a watercolour masking liquid. It’s a pain to use because it’s smelly and completely ruins brushes, but you can get some really cool effects with it.

  5. This is beautiful! Would it be okay if I did a lesson on this with my art class? Once I make a blog, I will link it to this website.

  6. I would be honoured 🙂

  7. I have seen this ALL over pinterest!! It became the inspiration for my 2nd grade art class. THANKS!!

  8. Can I ask how you applied the dye to get the effect in the background? It is awesome!

  9. I used watercolour paints for the background. I applied the paint first, and then while the paint was still wet I dripped clean water onto the paper. Using good quality watercolour paper helps. Thanks for your lovely comment!

  10. Thanks for your response. Can I also ask what the web is made of?

  11. […] Glue Resist Spider Web project […]

  12. […] Crayon resist spider-draw 3 lines with white or yellow crayons. Draw concentric circles around the lines to finish the web. Paint over web with blue watercolor. Draw circle with black marker and color in. Add smaller head and 4 legs on each side. […]

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