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By The Bay – A set of three abstract watercolours inspired by our trip to the beach at Hervey Bay

By the bay - a collage of photographs and abstract watercolour paintings of children walking along a pier and playing on the beach
We recently took a trip to Hervey Bay – I was inspired to have a go at some abstract watercolours based on the photos we took while we were there


Over the school summer holidays, we took a short trip up to Hervey Bay with the kids.  I was inspired to create some abstract watercolour paintings based on the photographs we took while we were there.  As you can tell, the idea was not to try to faithfully recreate the photos, but rather use them as a point of inspiration.  I really enjoyed working on these, and want to try this painting style again.

By the Bay - Set of 3 abstract watercolour paintings inspired by the beach at Hervey Bay
By the Bay – Set of 3 abstract watercolour paintings inspired by the beach at Hervey Bay
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Latest Works

I love holidays!  I’ve been getting so much done 🙂

Today I’m delivering a commissioned painting to its new owner.  I’m looking forward to seeing it on the wall!

I have been working on a large triptych for a friend, and doing a few watercolours.

“Summer Field”

“Bright December Day”

“Growing Family”

Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be posting up some new wearable art pendants too 🙂

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Inspire Me Thursday – Tree: Take 3

Yes, I have even more trees!

This painting was inspired by one of my favourite quotes:

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”
~Albert Camus~

"Invincible Summer"

In other news, I have posted my first fan special on my KL Bailey Art Facebook Fan Page.  If you’re not already a Fan, become one today – I will be posting weekly specials on paintings!!

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Inspire Me Thursday – Soup

At first I wasn’t sure I was even going to contribute to this week’s Inspire Me Thursday.  I thought about making homemade soup and photographing it, but it’s the middle of summer here and I just don’t feel like eating soup.

Eventually I came up with this idea:

“Primordial Soup”

Primordial Soup - Watercolour painting by Kirsten Bailey
Primordial Soup - Watercolour on watercolour paper - 25cm x 35cm - $45 unframed

The original plan was to do a background and then paint over with black to make amoeba-looking shapes.  But I liked the background so much that I thought I would just keep it the way it is.  You can imagine the microscopic amoebas floating around in that water.